Design and Manufacturing Tools

We put together a set of tools to reference when making decisions on your electronics products and services. The tools include manufacturing capabilities, design for manufacturability, circuit layer Stack ups, and tips on assembly panels.

The tools in this section are updated from time to time and are for reference only.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Our manufacturing capabilities are categorized into individual tables as follows:

  • Finished Board Thickness
  • Base Material (Laminate)
  • Design Geometries, Lines, Spaces, and Pad Sizes
  • Coating, Soldermask Resist and Silkscreen Legend
  • Board Surface Finish and Treatments
  • Tolerances
  • PCB Via and Hole Finish
  • Assembly Capabilities

Design for Manufacturability (DFM)

We put together some basic rules to follow when designing your board layout. This is a guideline and not strict to your engineering requirements.

Panel Tips

Boards are fabricated on a production panel which houses as many that fit on a sheet. They are often delivered to assembly in a similar panel to allow more than one board to be assembled at once.

We have put together some design tips when generating a panel for assembly.

Multi-Layer Stackups

We offer standard lamination stackups for multi-layer constructions. You can reference these when designing your board.

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